The wood element is about our roots and branches; it is about spring, the time of new life, birth, growth, distinctions for life, the vision of a possibility, the emergence and ascension of a creativity that presents itself as the appearing kingdom


-Dianne M. Connelly


After the winter of not-knowing comes the spring of liveliness. He brings us signs of hope and the splendor of new beginnings.

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season: spring
climate: wind
direction of movement: upward

taste: sour
smell: ranzid
colour: green

Gifts of this Phase: Visions, clear perception, making decisions, creativity

emotion: anger
sound: scream
spiritual potential: Hun, the ethereal soul
ability: for control

sense organ: 
orifices: eyes
body parts: muscles and tendons
physical expression: nails

Meridians Liver and Gallbladder

keywords: clarity and organization, rigidity, stagnation, stiffness, judgment and impartiality, directed movement of existence, shyness, ability to anchor one’s personality.

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

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