December 27, 2016

Wood Element

Wood Element
\wʊd ˈelɪmənt\


The wood element is about our roots and branches; it is about spring, the time of new life, birth, growth, distinctions for life, the vision of a possibility, the emergence and ascension of a creativity that presents itself as the appearing kingdom
Dianne M. Connelly


After the winter of not-knowing comes the spring of liveliness. He brings us signs of hope and the splendor of new beginnings.

Here we can make a choice for the future and find our life task. In the Wood Element our vision opens up on all levels.

The Wood-Energies lead our unconscious self, mind and soul to purposeful, focused manifestation


I Key Points

Season: spring

Climate: wind

Direction of Movement: upward

Daytime: 23.00-3.00

Taste: sour

Smell: ranzid

Colour: green

Emotion: anger

Sound: scream

Spiritual Potential: Hun, the ethereal soul

Ability: for control

Sense Organ: eyes

Orifices: eyes

Body Parts: muscles and tendons

Physical Expression: nails

Gifts of this Phase: Visions, clear perception, making decisions, creativity

Associated Meridians: Liver and Gallbladder


I Keywords

clarity and organization, rigidity, stagnation, stiffness, judgment and impartiality, directed movement of existence, shyness, ability to anchor one’s personality


I Other Elements

Why don’t you also look at the Fire-, Earth-, Metal- or Water Element?


Enjoy. Get inspired.
And as always

Be realistic…plan a miracle!

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