Water is the promise of unconstrained, powerful flowing. Our vitality, our courage and our sexual potency are part of this dance. And also our daring to live the adventure!


-Dianne M. Connelly-


The energies of the water element give the life force the ‘force‘ and the will to live the ‘will’.

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season: Winter
climate: Cold
direction of movement: down
daytime: 15.00-17.00/
17.00 – 19.00

taste: salty
smell: foul
colour: Black,Blue

Gifts of this phase: wisdom, power potential, origin, listening

emotion: fear, anxiety, „fight-flight“- response
sound: moan
spiritual potential: Zhi, the will
ability: tremble

sense organ: ears
orifices: genitals, urethra, anus
external, physical expression: hair

Meridians Kidney and Bladder

keywords: Seedbed of Life, Drive, Power, Flow, Purification, Courage, Will, Potency, Purpose, Basic Trust, Silence, Regeneration

More associations can be found  in the posts about the associated meridians.

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