August 28, 2016

Water Element

Water Element
\ˈwɔːtə(r) ˈelɪmənt\


Water is the promise of unconstrained, powerful flowing. Our vitality, our courage and our sexual potency are part of this dance. And also our daring to live the adventure!
Dianne M. Connelly

The energies of the water element give the life force the ‘force‘ and the will to live the ‘will’. They are the seedbed of all life.The inherited energies of the Kidneys (Water Element) unite past, present and future in man and connect these three with the cosmic forces – the secrets and mysteries of the universe.

The energy of the Kidney-Ki helps us to anchor ourselves in the shape of “here and now“ and help us to gain authenticity in our feelings and thoughts and to communicate them. Water is also the element of basic trust. We are invited to inner contemplation. To listen, to keep silent and to come to rest in our „not-knowing“.

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I Key Points

season: Winter

climate: Cold

direction of movement: down

daytime: 15.00-17.00/ 17.00 – 19.00

taste: salty

smell: foul

colour: Black,Blue

emotion: fear, anxiety, „fight-flight“- response

sound: moan

spiritual potential: Zhi, the will

ability: tremble

sense organ: ears

orifices: genitals, urethra, anus

external, physical expression: hair

Gifts of this phase: wisdom, power potential, origin, listening

Meridians Kidney and Bladder


I Keywords

Seedbed of Life, Drive, Power, Flow, Purification, Courage, Will, Potency, Purpose, Basic Trust, Silence, Regeneration


I Other Elements

Why don’t you also look at the Wood-, Fre-, Earth- or Metal Element?


Enjoy. Get inspired.
And as always

Be realistic…plan a miracle!

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