#Earth Mother


Center, Nourishing, Bonding,
Fertility and Susceptibility
Transformation and Manifestation



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In the Earth Element lies our abundance and fertility, our goodness, a loving concern for living near us, our compassion…The Earth Element is the creator of connections and holder of all transitions.
It is the mother, the center, it keeps the balance, the middle, it is the official residence of all changes we call “life”


-Dianne M. Connelly-


The Earth Element determines all of our life cycles. The roots of our true nature are in the earth – being grounded is an existential self-experience. This connection creates equanimity and balance.

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Spiritual Potential    Intellect

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Emotion    Compassion, Empathy and Pensiveness

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Physical Relations

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Physical Symptoms

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Other Aspects of the Spleen 

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Harmful Influence

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I create joy and abundance in my life
I am at peace with myself
I digest life with ease
I love and accept myself



Imbalances of the Earth Element often lead to an overemphasis of the intellect, which then serves as the main source of cognitive security.


Key problems in the Element Earth are among other things an imbalance between giving and taking, excessive brooding, thinking and worrying.

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Therapeutic Methods

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