#Ambassador of the Heart


Circulation and Protection, Relationships and Sex,
Communicates the Joy of the Heart



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Fire is the promise of friendship, the comradeship of existence.

In the Fire Element life shows up as a partnership dance


-Dianne M. Connelly


Consciousness, awareness, creativity and love are central expressions of the Fire-Energies in our interpersonal relations. Here we meet the basic human need for contact.

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Relations between the Fire-Meridians

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Spiritual Potential    Shen

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Emotion    Joy and Happiness

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Physical Relations

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Physical Symptoms

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Other Aspects of the Pericardium 

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Harmful Influences

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I have the freedom to bring love and joy to every part of my world. I love life.


When diagnosing the Pericardium Meridian, it is important to “reconnect” on one level or another.

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Therapeutic Methods

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