Metal is the elemental salt of the earth, the crystalline clarity of a jewel, the long-lasting richness of life, it contains our gift that we can offer to the world, our inner treasures, the permanence of beauty. The metal element is about astonishment, amazement, appreciation, it is the connection with the Father, with heaven.


-Dianne M. Connelly-


It is said that the first breath contains the spirit of heaven. Through the breath we are in exchange with the universe.

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season: Autumn
climate: Dryness
direction of movement: inwards
daytime: 3.00-5.00/
5.00 – 7.00

taste: spicy
smell: rotten
colour: White

Gifts of this phase: Appreciation, recognition, illuminating intuition, limiting to the essentials

sound: crying
spiritual potential: Po the corporeal soul
ability: to cough

sense organ: nose
orifices: nose
external, physical expression: skin and the body hair

Meridians Lung and Large Intestine

keywords: Vitality, Ki-intake, self-worth, protection, boundaries, “YES” to life, letting go, structure, flexible belief systems, inner gift, life experience, appreciation, process of individuation, rhythmic order

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

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