September 3, 2017




#Where The Flow Goes

Meridians are an expression of our energy
and their course is an expression of their function
Shizuto Masunaga



Zen Shiatsu according to Shizuto Masunaga is based on meridians. His theoretical framework grew out of his interest in meridians and their significance for the specific effects of meridians on body, mind and emotions.

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Life Cycle of an Amoeba


To prove his assumptions, he took the time sequence of the meridians (known in the West as the organ clock).

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The 5 Elements


Each of us is the whole of the dance in every moment,
so that every element is always there. Nothing is missing.


Dianne M. Connelly



The teachings of the 5 elements or phases of change is only one part of TCM theory, whereas in the West it was made as the basis of theoretical Shiatsu teaching.

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In the ideas of Far Eastern medicine, meridians (also called pathways or channels) are generally the expression of an energetic system/organ.

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The course of meridians in my illustrations refer to the theoretical model of Zen Shiatsu and therefore differ from the representation in TCM.

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#The Visionary

Liver Meridian


#Decision Maker

Gallbladder Meridian

#Emperor in his Kingdom

Heart Meridian

#Body’s Alchemist

Small Intestine Meridian

#Ambassador of the Heart

Pericardium Meridian

#Communication Matrix

Triple Heater Meridian

#Sea of Nourishment

Stomach Meridian


#Earth Mother

Spleen Meridian

#Minister of Heaven

Lung Meridian

coming soon…

Large Intestine Meridian

#Guardian of Peace

Bladder Meridian


#Root of Life

Kidney Meridian

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