Makko Ho Exercises


The exercises should be performed slowly with the movements coinciding with the phases of breathing out.


The focus should be on letting go and not on the stretching itself. The most important aspect of the Makko Ho exercises is not so much the physical aspect, but the flow of energy.

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Ambition and manipulation of the breathing lead to tension, reduce the energy flow and increase the risk of getting hurt.


Deep breaths should be taken when the body indicates its natural desire to do so.


Anyone who does not have previous experience practicing yoga or similar exercises should perform these exercises with an experienced trainer before doing so on their own.


The flexibility of the body will automatically adjust to the balancing of the energy flow.


In the beginning, place your legs apart at shoulder length and initiate contact with the ground through the soles of your feet by moving forward and backward slowly.


Come to a stop in a position where both feet support your body weight equally.


Then raise your arms, closing your physical eyes and opening your inner ones.

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