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Vitality, Ki-Intake, Self-Worth,
Protection, Boundaries, YES to Life



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Metal is the elemental salt of the earth, the crystalline clarity of a jewel, the long-lasting richness of life, it contains our gift that we can offer to the world, our inner treasures, the permanence of beauty.
The metal element is about astonishment, amazement, appreciation, it is the connection with the Father, with heaven.


-Dianne M. Connelly-


It is said that the first breath contains the spirit of heaven. Through the breath we are in exchange with the universe. Our vital impulse and the rhythmic order of breathing are determined by the energies of the Metal Element and help us to structure our reality through their even rhythm.

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Spiritual Potential    Po the corporeal soul

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Emotion    Grief and Sorrow

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Physical Relations

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Physical Symptoms

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Other Aspects of the Lung 

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Harmful Influences

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I inhale the fullness of life



Breathing exercises are of great benefit to both meridians of the Metal Element and are the first choice for an imbalance in the Lungs or Large Intestine Energy.


While attention should be paid to inhalation in Lung Meridian, in the Large Intestine Meridian attention is on exhalation and letting go.



Therapeutic Methods

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