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Free flow of Ki,Self-Expression,
Energy, Adaptability, Planning



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The wood element is about our roots and branches; it is about spring, the time of new life, birth, growth, distinctions for life, the vision of a possibility, the emergence and ascension of a creativity that presents itself as the appearing kingdom


-Dianne M. Connelly


After the winter of not-knowing comes the spring of liveliness. He brings us signs of hope and the splendor of new beginnings.


Here we can make a choice for the future and find our life task. In the Wood Element our vision opens up on all levels.


The Wood-Energies lead our unconscious self, mind and soul to purposeful, focused manifestation.

Spiritual Potential    Hun, the ethereal soul

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Emotion    Anger

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Physical Relations

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Physical Symptoms

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Other Aspects of Liver Ki

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Harmful Influences

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Every castle that was built was a dream castle in the beginning  I trust in my intuition – I plan my life step by step
my creative decisions lead me to freedom


Diagnoses with the meridians of the Wood Element are about choosing life concepts, making decisions and coming into free, creative self-expression.


In doing so, it is important to make sensible use of your own energies and resources. Activity in the fresh air is often very beneficial.



Therapeutic Methods

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