November 28, 2016

Fire Element

Fire Element


Fire is the promise of friendship, the comradeship of existence. In the Fire Element life shows up as a partnership dance

Dianne M. Connelly

Consciousness, awareness, creativity and love are central expressions of the Fire-Energies in our interpersonal relations. Here we meet the basic human need for contact. Every communication – from the first cry of a baby to the first declaration of love to the final realization of a “I believe” – is mediated by the energy of the phase of Fire.

In the Fire-Element we take care of our development. The Fire-Energy conducts the entire symphony, in which the positive, creative being is expressed in all its exuberance.

With the help of our creativity we can bring something new into being and thus change and transformation.


I Key Points

Season: summer

Climate: heat

Direction of Movement:outward

Daytime: 11.00-15.00/ 19.00 – 23.00

Taste: bitter

Smell: burnt

Colour: red

Emotion: joy / happiness

Sound: laugh

Spiritual Potential: Shen

Ability: to express joy

Sense Organ: tongue

Orifices: mouth with palate

Body Parts: blood vessels

Gifts of this Phase: warmth, compassion, partnership, joy

Meridians Heart and Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater


I Keywords

inside, home of the Shen, mindfulness, joy, assimilation, transformation, clarity, emotionality, language, circulation, interpretation and integration of feelings


I Other Elements

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Enjoy. Get inspired.
And as always

Be realistic…plan a miracle!

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