In the Earth Element lies our abundance and fertility, our goodness, a loving concern for living near us, our compassion. . . The Earth Element is the creator of connections and holder of all transitions. It is the mother, the center, it keeps the balance, the middle, it is the official residence of all changes we call “life”


-Dianne M. Connelly-


The Earth Element determines all of our life cycles. The roots of our true nature are in the earth – being grounded is an existential self-experience.

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season: Late sommer
climate: Dampness
direction of movement: centered
daytime: 7.00-9.00/
9.00 – 11.00

taste: sweet
smell: fragrant
colour: Yellow

Gifts of this phase: mindfulness, foundation, nourishing, service

emotion: Compassion, empathy and pensiveness
sound: singing
spiritual potential: Yi-intellect
ability: to be persistent

sense organ: mouth
orifices: mouth
external, physical expression: saliva

Meridians Spleen and Stomach

keywords: Absorption and acceptance, fulfillment, nourish at all levels, center, bonding, fertility and susceptibility, Mother Earth, balance, creator of connections and holder of all transitions, transformation and manifestation

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

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