October 28, 2016

Earth Element

Earth Element
\ɜː(r)θ ˈelɪmənt\


In the Earth Element lies our abundance and fertility, our goodness, a loving concern for living near us, our compassion. . . The Earth Element is the creator of connections and holder of all transitions. It is the mother, the center, it keeps the balance, the middle, it is the official residence of all changes we call “life”
Dianne M. Connelly

The Earth Element determines all of our life cycles. The roots of our true nature are in the earth – being grounded is an existential self-experience. This connection creates equanimity and balance; being balanced and consistent in the play of the physical, mental and spiritual forces of the world is an experience of the Earth Element. It causes new things to manifest and materialize.

To feel that we are an integral part of life, have a centre and thus a kind of order and harmony out of which we live, describes our Earth. Centered on the inside, interacting with others and participating in the whole – this is an expression of a balanced Earth-Energy.


I Key Points

Season: late summer

Climate: dampness

Direction of Movement: centered

Daytime: 7.00-9.00/ 9.00 – 11.00

Taste: sweet

Smell: fragrant

Colour: Yellow

Emotion: Compassion, empathy and pensiveness


Spiritual Potential: Yi-intellect

Ability: to be persistent

Sense Organ: mouth

Orifices: mouth

external, physical Expression: saliva

Gifts of this Phase: mindfulness, foundation, nourishing, service

Meridians Spleen and Stomach


I Keywords

Absorption and acceptance, fulfillment, nourish at all levels, center, bonding, fertility and susceptibility, Mother Earth, balance, creator of connections and holder of all transitions, transformation and manifestation


I Other Elements

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Enjoy. Get inspired.
And as always

Be realistic…plan a miracle!

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