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Courage, Strength, Nervousness




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Water is the promise of unconstrained, powerful flowing. Our vitality, our courage and our sexual potency are part of this dance. And also our daring to live the adventure!


-Dianne M. Connelly


The energies of the water element give the life force the ‘force‘ and the will to live the ‘will’. They are the seedbed of all life.


The inherited energies of the Kidneys (Water Element) unite past, present and future in man and connect these three with the cosmic forces – the secrets and mysteries of the universe.


The energy of the Kidney-Ki helps us to anchor ourselves in the shape of “here and now“ and help us to gain authenticity in our feelings and thoughts and to communicate them.

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Spiritual Potential    Will

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Emotion    Fear

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Physical Relations

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Physical Symptoms

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Other Aspects of Bladder Ki

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Harmful Influences

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Everything’s all right. I’ve rediscovered my basic trust 
I’m okay – you’re okay. I show backbone in life
The balance of things has been achieved and remains 




The Origin-Ki and the Essences can not be increased, but only stored and supplemented by the Ki of respiration and food. The key to the preservation of the Essence is moderation. One should therefore avoid overwork, stress and stimulating substances. Regularly but moderately eat and exercise, pay attention to your own breathing and maintain a calm mind.


Therapeutic Methods

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