Shiatsu refers generally to a traditional Japanese pressure therapy. It is a holistic therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine. According to this practical knowledge the well being of a person, as a unity of body, mind and spirit, depends on the harmonic flow of energy through specific pathways (meridians). Shiatsu holds that all health problems are related to imbalances and blockages to the circulation of energy (Ki). By skillfully stimulating the meridians, the therapist attempts to restore the balanced flow. It is understood that this technique stimulates the natural healing powers of the body, through which symptoms of diseases lessen and vitality is regained. Shiatsu is unlimited in movement, in depth of touch and in it‘s variety of techniques. Literally translated, the word Shiatsu means „ finger pressure “.

At the point where the tide turns, at the point where the waves turn…in the gap between the in breath and the out breath is the space of all potential…where everything has dissolved into nothing, and at the same time that nothing is ready to pour into everything…
Where the tide turns
by C. Wynter
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