For artists of all kinds 
Film/TV Productions
Musicians on Tour
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I provide Shiatsu treatment services also on film sets, film locations,during tour for musicians and for Media agencys.
Shiatsu treatments are excellently suited to meet the needs of creatively working people with long work days and continuous intense stress. Shiatsu uses a holistic approach focused on treating the whole person, and thus has a far-reaching effect going beyond the classical relaxation of massages.
It could be used for relieving muscle tension, back pain, neck and shoulder problems and is a great way to help work out stress and tension. It enables deep relaxation, helps to regain the energy levels, supports creative processes and keeps everyone focused and on track. Regular and consistent Shiatsu treatments can become an important aspect of preventive health care as well as a treatment for existing symptoms.


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Individual offers, prices and conditions by request via e-mail.
I of course remain at your disposal for any request or further information by phone.

+49 163 294 49 34