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#Where The Flow Goes

Meridians are an expression of our energy
and their course is an expression of their function

Shizuto Masunaga



Zen Shiatsu according to Shizuto Masunaga is based on meridians. His theoretical framework grew out of his interest in meridians and their significance for the specific effects of meridians on body, mind and emotions. Immediate Ki experience prompted Masunaga to expand the courses of the classical acupuncture meridians in the body. Masunaga assumed that the meridian system accurately reflects our energy structure and is not a purely arbitrary, intellectual gimmick – so there had to be a relationship between the energetic function of the meridians and their course on the body.



Life Cycle of an Amoeba


To prove his assumptions, he took the time sequence of the meridians (known in the West as the organ clock). Following this sequence, the entire meridian network can be continuously traced over the entire body. Yin and Yang meridians alternate in an elegant symmetry. Masunaga, however, was more interested in the sequential order of the meridians. He related this sequence to the life span or to the activity cycles it contains and illustrated his theory on the life cycle of an amoeba.


In summary, the first three phases are about the different ways of receiving energy


through respiration/ Ki exchange with the universe – keywords – boundaries and exchange


food intake/satisfaction of our needs – keywords – satisfy needs


absorption of nutrients/ integration of physical, mental and emotional “food” into the core of our personality – keywords – assimilation and integration



In the last three phases, different ways of distributing energy are described


the automatic reflex(fight-flight response)/adrenaline release in terms of survival – keywords – drive / impuls and purification


blood circulation/ protection of the different levels of our existence – keywords – circulation and protection


the controlled release and distribution of reserves when we decide to take action – keywords – decision and action



Thus “the life cycle of an amoeba” describes the most important energetic movements that take place in all living beings. These energy movements form the basis of life.



The 5 Elements


Each of us is the whole of the dance in every moment,
so that every element is always there. Nothing is missing.

Dianne M. Connelly



The teachings of the 5 elements or phases of change is only one part of TCM theory, whereas in the West it was made as the basis of theoretical Shiatsu teaching. Here the meridians are assigned in pairs, where one meridian represents the Yin expression and the other the Yang expression of the element or the phase of change. The 5 elements teaching refers to the distinction between the vibrational qualities of Ki that appear in the universe


wood – fire – earth – metal and water




In the ideas of Far Eastern medicine, meridians (also called pathways or channels) are generally the expression of an energetic system/organ. There are 12 different energetic systems named after the physiological organs (e. g. stomach, heart or kidney) with which they have a special relationship. The Triple Heater Meridian is an exception.
Meridians are not identical to the energetic system whose information they carry. They are only areas in which their vibration quality and information accumulates more strongly in the body, which is why they can also be perceived and touched more easily here.

Finally, meridians represent different vibrational qualities/levels that penetrate, connect and control all levels of manifestation of life. W. Rappenecker has also coined the term “communicating levels”, which I perceive as very accurate. He writes


“…about the ability to vibrate and resonate, each area of a meridian is connected to all the others. In the same way, the information of each individual location is accessible to all others. In this concept, interruptions in the flow are places where the ability to vibrate is altered or limited for various reasons.…“






The course of meridians in my illustrations refer to the theoretical model of Zen Shiatsu and therefore differ from the representation in TCM. Since the theoretical explanations for each meridian are extensive, but I only want to give a first impression of the respective qualities and functions for interested readers, I have kept the information in key points and short descriptions. In the future I will add my personal perceptions and experiences from my work with Shiatsu to the descriptions.

All meridians can be reached via the following links.


I hope you get inspired!


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Large Intestine Meridian

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Kidney Meridian

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