September 3, 2017

Makko Ho

Makko Ho
\makkō hō eksə(r)saɪz\





#Get The Flow Going


according to Masunaga


These six stretching exercises are based on Yoga practices. They are the expression of both the psychological quality of the Meridian pairs and the physical ability of the body to stretch. Performed in the right order, they make for a simple, short and comprehensive training program for the entire Meridian system.
Each exercise deals with one Meridian pair that is represented by its respective Yin and Yang aspects in a transitional phase or an element. By practicing these exercises, each Meridian can be toned or sedated and in that way assists the practitioner in reaching a balanced Ki flow in their Meridians, automatically leading to the removal of blockages and/or the strengthening of the Ki.

An  exercise cycle is practiced in the following order :


Metal erxercises
Earth exercises
Fire I exercises
Water exercises
Fire II exercises
Wood exercises

and to complete the cycle the


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