ɑː(r)t əv wɜː(r)k



My Shiatsu treatment is characterized by various aspects – my way of perception, my understanding for Shiatsu and my inner attitude make my Shiatsu effective and unique.

To working with Reiki has additionally trained my sensitive perception; an education in process-orientated homoeopathy shaped my personality as a therapist and has taken part to define my inner attitude during a treatment session. My own path of life has developed and supported my skills. I use all this when giving a treatment.

The requests made on a treatment are as varied as people are different. Based on my skills, I am able to meet such various requests and commit myself to the individuality of every human being.

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who wants no peace, does not have to seek for a solution. There as a therapist one bows the head and says: “I honor your war.”

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