September 3, 2017

5 Elements

5 Elements
\faɪv ˈelɪmənts\






#dance of elements


All elements are present in us at every moment and express themselves – this is the dance of elements. How is the wood, fire, water element. . . expressed in me? In the descriptions of the individual meridians the elements are described in more detail – just follow the link of the meridian. I hope I can give suggestions and inspiration with my descriptions!




If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live,
or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair – but ask me
what I think I am living for, in detail, and ask me what
I think is keeping  me from living fully for the thing
I want to live for


-Thomas Merton-

The wood element is about our roots and branches; it is about spring, the time of new life, birth, growth, distinctions for life, the vision of a possibility, the emergence and ascension of a creativity that presents itself as the appearing kingdom


-Dianne M. Connelly


After the winter of not-knowing comes the spring of liveliness. He brings us signs of hope and the splendor of new beginnings. Here we can make a choice for the future and find our life task. In the Wood Element our vision opens up on all levels. The Wood-Energies lead our unconscious self, mind and soul to purposeful, focused manifestation.

season: spring
climate: wind
direction of movement: upward

taste: sour
smell: ranzid
colour: green

Gifts of this Phase: Visions, clear perception, making decisions, creativity

emotion: anger
sound: scream
spiritual potential: Hun, the ethereal soul
ability: for control

sense organ: 
orifices: eyes
body parts: muscles and tendons
physical expression: nails

Meridians Liver and Gallbladder

keywords: clarity and organization, rigidity, stagnation, stiffness, judgment and impartiality, directed movement of existence, shyness, ability to anchor one’s personality.

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

Fire is the promise of friendship, the comradeship of existence.
In the Fire Element life shows up as a partnership dance


-Dianne M. Connelly-


Consciousness, awareness, creativity and love are central expressions of the Fire-Energies in our interpersonal relations. Here we meet the basic human need for contact. Every communication – from the first cry of a baby to the first declaration of love to the final realization of a “I believe” – is mediated by the energy of the phase of Fire.

In the Fire-Element we take care of our development. The Fire-Energy conducts the entire symphony, in which the positive, creative being is expressed in all its exuberance. With the help of our creativity we can bring something new into being and thus can lead to change and transformation.

season: sommer
climate: heat
direction of movement: outward
daytime: 11.00-15.00/
19.00 – 23.00

taste: bitter
smell: burnt
colour: red

Gifts of this phase: warmth, compassion, partnership, joy

emotion: joy / happiness
sound: laugh
spiritual potential: Shen
ability: to express joy

sense organ: tongue
orifices: mouth with palate
body parts: blood vessels

Meridians Heart and Small Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Heater

keywords: inside, home of the Shen, mindfulness, joy, assimilation, transformation, clarity, emotionality, language, circulation, interpretation and integration of feelings.

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

In the Earth Element lies our abundance and fertility, our goodness, a loving concern for living near us, our compassion. . . The Earth Element is the creator of connections and holder of all transitions. It is the mother, the center, it keeps the balance, the middle, it is the official residence of all changes we call “life”


-Dianne M. Connelly-


The Earth Element determines all of our life cycles. The roots of our true nature are in the earth – being grounded is an existential self-experience. This connection creates equanimity and balance; being balanced and consistent in the play of the physical, mental and spiritual forces of the world is an experience of the Earth Element. It causes new things to manifest and materialize.

To feel that we are an integral part of life, have a centre and thus a kind of order and harmony out of which we live, describes our Earth.

Centered on the inside, interacting with others and participating in the whole – this is an expression of a balanced Earth-Energy.

season: Late sommer
climate: Dampness
direction of movement: centered
daytime: 7.00-9.00/
9.00 – 11.00

taste: sweet
smell: fragrant
colour: Yellow

Gifts of this phase: mindfulness, foundation, nourishing, service

emotion: Compassion, empathy and pensiveness
sound: singing
spiritual potential: Yi-intellect
ability: to be persistent

sense organ: mouth
orifices: mouth
external, physical expression: saliva

Meridians Spleen and Stomach

keywords: Absorption and acceptance, fulfillment, nourish at all levels, center, bonding, fertility and susceptibility, Mother Earth, balance, creator of connections and holder of all transitions, transformation and manifestation

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.


Metal is the elemental salt of the earth, the crystalline clarity of a jewel, the long-lasting richness of life, it contains our gift that we can offer to the world, our inner treasures, the permanence of beauty. The metal element is about astonishment, amazement, appreciation, it is the connection with the Father, with heaven.


-Dianne M. Connelly-


It is said that the first breath contains the spirit of heaven. Through the breath we are in exchange with the universe. Our vital impulse and the rhythmic order of breathing are determined by the energies of the Metal Element and help us to structure our reality through their even rhythm. Thus the first and the last breath determine the limitation of earthly existence. Breathing brings things into the right order and keeps them in it. We know that life is a precious gift and gain the ability to form strong yet flexible belief systems to support and align our lives. This creates harmony between our inner and outer world.

We can feel our own self-worth and gain clarity about what gift we can offer life. Autumn, maturity – the storage of the experience of life – is connected with the Metal Element.

The Metal Energies serve the individuation process because their energies support the transformation and expansion of already existing bonds. And they give us the ability to differentiate but also to exchange with our environment.

The Metal Element gives us the opportunity to fully engage with life – it is our YES to life.

season: Autumn
climate: Dryness
direction of movement: inwards
daytime: 3.00-5.00/
5.00 – 7.00

taste: spicy
smell: rotten
colour: White

Gifts of this phase: Appreciation, recognition, illuminating intuition, limiting to the essentials

sound: crying
spiritual potential: Po the corporeal soul
ability: to cough

sense organ: nose
orifices: nose
external, physical expression: skin and the body hair

Meridians Lung and Large Intestine

keywords: Vitality, Ki-intake, self-worth, protection, boundaries, “YES” to life, letting go, structure, flexible belief systems, inner gift, life experience, appreciation, process of individuation, rhythmic order

More associations can be found on the tiles and in the posts about the associated meridians.

Water is the promise of unconstrained, powerful flowing. Our vitality, our courage and our sexual potency are part of this dance. And also our daring to live the adventure!


-Dianne M. Connelly-


The energies of the water element give the life force the ‘force‘ and the will to live the ‘will’. They are the seedbed of all life.The inherited energies of the Kidneys (Water Element) unite past, present and future in man and connect these three with the cosmic forces – the secrets and mysteries of the universe. The energy of the Kidney-Ki helps us to anchor ourselves in the shape of “here and now“ and help us to gain authenticity in our feelings and thoughts and to communicate them.

Water is also the element of basic trust. We are invited to inner contemplation. To listen, to keep silent and to come to rest in our „not-knowing“. But just as we can trust that winter (Water Element) will produce spring (assigned to the next element Wood), we can trust that dwelling in „not-knowing“, will produce a vision, a realization, a clear distinction that enables us to act (Wood Element).

The energies of the Water Element allow us to gain a realistic view of our position in the cosmos – bound in between heaven and earth – „with the feet on the earth and the head in the clouds“. From the union of Shen (spirit/heaven) and Jing (essence/earth) Ming (purpose/„our contract with heaven“) develops . When the will of man (Zhi/Water Element) is completely in accordance with the will of heaven (Ming), i. e. with his purpose, man becomes the channel for the true divine Qi (Zhen) of heaven and earth.

Our “hero’s journey” through life is about fulfilling our purpose from the bottom of our hearts.

season: Winter
climate: Cold
direction of movement: down
daytime: 15.00-17.00/
17.00 – 19.00

taste: salty
smell: foul
colour: Black,Blue

Gifts of this phase: wisdom, power potential, origin, listening

emotion: fear, anxiety, „fight-flight“- response
sound: moan
spiritual potential: Zhi, the will
ability: tremble

sense organ: ears
orifices: genitals, urethra, anus
external, physical expression: hair

Meridians Kidney and Bladder

keywords: Seedbed of Life, Drive, Power, Flow, Purification, Courage, Will, Potency, Purpose, Basic Trust, Silence, Regeneration

More associations can be found  in the posts about the associated meridians.

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